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Whoopi Goldberg Joins The Coon Train with Raven-Symone & Lark Voorhies


What is it about blackness and Africa that makes Black, African-Americans want to separate themselves from them. If it is simply to get attention, then I’m going to give it to their asses right now.raaaaaaA

Whoopi, with your phone home built ass, you’ve been an icon in the black community for quite some time. I’m not understanding what this movement of erasing the ‘African’ before ‘American’ is trying to accomplish. You are not simply American. The only ones that have the right to say that they are, are the Native Americans. And YET, Native Americans hold on to the ‘Native’ part of their classification with all their might. They are proud of their heritage. They know how people tried to erase their culture.

So why is it that some African Americans view themselves so differently? Has the media convinced some of us the Africa is to be associated with anything negative? Are we trying to kiss the ass of white supremacy by aligning with the racist idea that people are colorless? Some white people “don’t see color” until it’s time to report a crime, get married, or hire people. Even so, if you “don’t see color” you ignore both the disadvantages or advantages that someone may have based on their heritage/race. If we as African Americans do this to ourselves we will degrade our history and imply that there need not be a distinction between our life experiences and those of other races.llaaaaaa

We are going to shoot ourself in the feet. People are going to start brushing aside the problems we face that stem from us being African Americans if we erase the fact that we are African American. If we’re just Americans we should have the same life chances, right? But we don’t! A separation must be made for this reason.

Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symone all need as much training as Lark Voorhies’ make up artist.



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  • Meloder Johnson January 7, 2016

    I don’t care for the label “African American” either. F*ck America! I prefer the term, “Stolen American “.