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Beyonce Snatches Wigs in The Hymn For The Weekend Video

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The Last Salesbender of The Music Industry, Royal King Beyoncé graced the presence of Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend video. It was already enough that she whispered sweet nothings in the background on the track, but we also got visuals and I’m screaming internally. I mean, just take a look a the the image below! She’s trying to hypnotize your fave’s label to allow them to actually produce and release music. Never say she didn’t try to help you bum bitches out.FitBeyThe video was aesthetically so pleasing with imagery from India and beautiful dyes and colors that held true to the cover art and theme that Coldplay had already established. What better way to top off such an interesting video than with the queen herself (seen below) looking at your fave’s positions on the charts. I really am in love with this look on her and all of these colors! A lot of times (when it comes to clothing) she likes to keep it simple, uncluttered and she seems to like the color black. It’s great to see a tornado of colors here. The vocal ability, performance expertise, and the talent: I can see it all and she’s literally just sitting there.FetBey

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